Youth Resource Center: Empowering Youth Towards Self-Sufficiency


The Youth Resource Center Manager, Sundal Ali, surveyed girls who have come to the Youth Resource Center (YRC) for services. Ali asked them to use one word descriptors or adjectives that  describe why they come to the YRC and what the YRC means to them. 

The girls used words like, "freedom, relaxed, safe, home, and peace" to explain how they feel.  Since opening the YRC, staff has tried to create a space where girls felt they were loved and cared for no matter what they were going through. We have purposely created an environment where the girls can come into a non-judgmental, supportive environment and feel loved by authentic  relationships. Safety, trust, support and empowerment are all core principles we strive to cultivate. 

We use trauma-informed care to partner along side our girls to help them in their  immediate and long-term needs, goals and aspirations. By allowing the principles of trauma-informed care to guide our interactions in the space, we are building rapport with the girls that drop by  our center. Girls can visit  the YRC three times before an official intake is performed to allow time for us to build relationships and trust.  During those visits, girls are provided with a space for emotional and physical safety along with food and clothing.

Our goal at the YRC is to meet girls where they are and show them the process to hope and healing doesn't have to be accomplished alone. Together, we are walking hand in hand to make the world a better place.

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